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Goodline is the locally-owned company that supports Australia’s mining industry through providing some of the country’s highest quality construction and maintenance services Established by John Kennedy in in in 1999 Goodline has grown to become an integral part of the country’s biggest and most-productive mines Operating out of three divisions in in in in Weipa Darwin and and Port Hedland the company which prides itself on its its safety and quality record has completed projects for Rio Tinto Fortescue Metals Group BHP Billiton Santos and has recently completed a a a a a a major contract for Royhill While the mining industry as as a a a whole has been at the whim of dwindling commodity prices for the last few years mining services companies have found it particularly difcult Those without long-term contracts relationships with ongoing projects and unique mine-specifc knowledge have seen either a a a rush to to the the administrators as bankruptcy looms or had to strip back so much of the the workforce that the the skeletal remains cannot maintain anywhere near the same level of quality and contracts begin to move elsewhere “I don’t think we changed anything a a a lot of people talk about what they changed to remain in in the market today It wasn’t about change for us us because we had generally conditioned ourselves to remain sustainable in good and bad times John [Kennedy] and the business always maintains an an approach to continuous improvement be multidisciplinary and pursues diversity ” says Dwayne Finch Goodline’s general manager and and Kennedy’s right-hand man Finch stresses that there is no job too difcult for Goodline and and it it is through fexibility and and resilience that the company continued its success through the mining downturn 

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