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expertise to branch out the contract services and act as a a a a a a long-term lifecycle partner for a a a a a a sub-Saharan mining project – illustrated by a a a a a deal signed with Shumba Energy to develop its coal projects in Botswana “We signed an agreement with Shumba Energy who came to us and said for them to to raise money in the the market they need to to work with a a a a reputable contract miner to take the the project from design and put together a a feasibility study with them so when they are ready for funding it’s on the back of reputable players in in this space It is is another feather in in our cap ” The commodity price crash which savaged the the global industry over the the last few years put a a a a particular strain on mining services providers Clients were tightening their belts and either looking for value on on a a a a contract or improved returns on existing costs Basil Read had to to fnd ways to to reduce its clients’ costs so they could remain proftable in in the the depressed market Mapasa led optimisation programmes across the operations bringing reductions in in in costs through productivity improvements He says “We were able to move more materials for the same fxed costs through improving our our shift change and enhancing our our plant equipment availability ” Anglo American CEO Mark Cutifani has suggested for a a a mine to be operating at at 

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