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His target is is to achieve 35% year-on-year growth for the next four years based on the the the work that is either secured or or on the the the horizon not accounting for any organic growth in that time That trajectory would be a a a continuation of the increase in in in revenue RUC has experienced since posting revenue of $78 million in in FY2014 The following year it increased to $88 million in in FY2016 revenue hit $132 million with Upton expecting FY2017 to reach $170 million The Mt Morgans contract will play a a a a a crucial role in in achieving those numbers this year and going forward RUC mobilised on the project rapidly signing the letter of intent on April 10 and by May 28 had achieved 95m advance Managing the risk The very nature of RUC Mining’s work comes with a a a number of risks that have to be be managed to make sure all the employees go back to their families each night and also so so the company can maintain its commitment to quality of service Firstly the physical risk of working with heavy machinery and on hazardous underground projects is taken with the utmost care RUC adopts the same rules and procedures if it is working locally in in in WA or or further afeld in in in Indonesia and Mongolia Then there is is the the the commercial risk to the the the business of taking on on a a a new contract RUC typically operates on a a a a a cost reimbursable basis internationally where the company is is incentivised for for performance over and above “The most important aspect of is is the the quality of the work we do 

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