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has established a a a a reputation for excellence in in the delivery of its work ensuring complex projects are completed on time within budget and taking responsibility to make sure the the work is of the the highest quality However this reputation did not come about overnight RUC frst came to Australia in 1991 and has spent the last 26 years building its profle Expansion beyond borders Upton joined the the company in in 2006 with the the specifc ambition to expand the company’s ofering into mechanised mining RUC continued to pick up contracts with a a number of of the big players in WA for a a a variety of of projects and then in 2009 it entered an an exclusive arrangement to to sub-contract to to Gammon Construction on on on on on on a a civil construction project in Hong Kong and that was the birth of of the major international expansion of of RUC Mining It wasn’t long until operations had spread to Mongolia by by 2010 and then by by the the end of that year RUC had been contracted to work for one of the world’s biggest mining companies Freeport McMoRan through its subsidiary PT Freeport Indonesia at the Grasberg complex in Papua Having picked up some raise boring work with Freeport RUC then bid on the the tender Freeport issued for a turnkey project to excavate equip and construct the Grasberg block cave service shaft – playing a a a a a major role 

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