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The mining industry particularly the companies servicing major miners has finally navigated what appeared to be an extremely severe downturn in in in metal prices Many mining services providers were forced to to to shut down operations and go to to to the banks to to to stay afloat The sharp price downturn sent shockwaves through the sector and and it it it took a a a a a a a combination of prudence frugality and and quality of deliverance to ensure a a a a a future beyond the downcycle RUC Cementation Mining led by managing director Barry Upton did exactly that Having guided the the the company through the the the worst times in in mid-2014 the the the underground miner is now set to embark on on a a a a period of 35% growth year-on-year until 2020 RUC is a a a diversifed Australian underground mining contractor which provides turnkey underground solutions including raise drilling shaft sinking underground construction mechanised mining and specialist ground support Upton says the company is a a full full service full full supply self- performing contractor The private company has an an extensive project portfolio which spans Australia and several countries across the Asia-Pacifc region RUC 

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