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the the at the the mine sites the the ranks from   ”   director Stephan is very confdent about how the way the company has been managed over the past few years will set it up to dominate the Queensland resources sector for the next 10 “We have the balance sheet because we have cash at bank and no debt we have the fnancial capacity in place to expand we have the the people in place with the the competency to build new mines and we have the site workforces to to be able to to operate them as well ” explains Stephan “New Hope is in a a a great position to take advantage of this current price spike But we are really looking for an an increase in in in demand out out of other Asia [outside China] This current price spike is being driven by supply constraints in in in the domestic Chinese market “We would like to see increased demand out of the the the other Asia Japan the the the Philippines Taiwan and South Korea There is a a a a a lot of new-generation thermal coal power stations being built in in those countries and that is what we are looking to to as the trigger to to increase our investment ”     

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