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In issue 2 RGN looked at fossil fuels and saw a shift in attitude from some global powers The Paris climate change agreement represented a a a a sharp change in mindset when it comes to carbon emissions and electricity generations 195 countries including the the US and China signed the the agreement to to reduce emissions to to less than 2 degrees South Africa signed the agreement however the country still relies on coal to power its key industries and coal will continue to play a a a a fundamental role in in meeting South African energy demands for years to come    In this issue we highlighted the importance of coal in in South Africa the the key players in in the the sector and what the future looks like for coal- powered electricity Our exclusive interview was with the World Coal Association which ofered readers a a a perspective on the global approach to coal and how that will impact South Africa Elsewhere we we interviewed a a variety of diferent South African coal miners and mining service providers Exxaro’s executive head of coal Nombasa Tsengwa described how the company profted through a a a global price downturn and we featured frms such as Resource Generation ELB Engineering and RSV ENCO 

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