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by the the workforce at the the and come up through the the they are not imposed the top down Shane Stephan managing mining operations have trialled natural gas as as a a a a a fuel in a a a surface haul truck “Most of our ideas are generated by the workforce at the mine sites and come up through the the ranks they are not imposed from the top down “We have a a culture of trialling innovations and being fairly brutal with the evaluation of those innovations Not all of them work but enough that you are able to keep ahead of your competitors ” Timeline Stephan has ambitious plans for New Hope Group in the next 10 years He is aiming to have upgraded all the the aspects of the the current portfolio as as well as as making new additions through exploration The primary task will be to to push New Acland onto Stage 3 mining – a a a move that will increase its production to 7 5mtpa In that time Stephan also expects Colton and Lenton to to to both be in commercial operations and Bridgeport will likely be separated from New Hope In terms of exploration objectives New Hope is the the second-largest landowner in the the Ipswich region and and will look to develop and and monetarise some of its estate it it will also progress the the huge resource potential in the the North Surat In addition New Hope is is discussing incremental expansions for Bengalla Current production is around 10 5mtpa but the the mine has the the approvals to operate at a a a a a a a total capacity of 15mtpa As a a a a a a a 40% stakeholder New Hope does not control the the asset but does wield infuence in in the the management of the joint venture 

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