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the Darling Downs economy annually and over $300 million in the broader South East Queensland purse each year New Hope’s commitment to hiring local people and using local businesses has ensured New Acland is a a a a signifcant part of the local economy and community Stephan says the mine’s location with on-site workers able to live live in Oakey also delivers a a a a competitive advantage “We have been able to attract and retain very high standard experienced people because it is a a far better place to live and go home each night to your family rather than fy in/fy out ” New Hope operate a a second supplementary mine at Jeebropilly in in Amberley It is a a a thermal coal mine with the capacity to produce 600 000tpa of product However Jeeboprilly only has around two years of coal reserves left to exploit and then Stephan says it it will have to be closed and rehabilitated Exploration programme New Hope’s owned and operated exploration team have a a a full schedule to develop the next mining stage at New Acland and and move forward with several other targets New Acland is currently coming towards the end of its Stage 2 mining area operations The exploration team has been working tirelessly on infll drilling around Stage 3 areas to strengthen New Hope’s confdence in the geological models and provide a a a platform to submit a a a a successful application to to to the Queensland Government to to to move to to to the Stage 3 which is currently progressing 

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