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To kick of 2017 the RGN team focused on Australia and its expansive resources sectors After years of depressed prices and exploration programmes being shelved across the the nation  the winds of change began to blow in in the right direction once again A gradual increase of prices in in both precious metals and and oil and and gas saw the cobwebs of the the downturn begin to be be brushed of at the the tail end of 2016 Subsequently the beginning of this year gave birth to a a a marked increase in in the number of projects receiving funding and being progressed in Australia We interviewed New Hope Group’s boss Shane Stephan and discussed how the company is expanding its coal production capacity across sites in Queensland and how it is diversifying into the oil industry Furthermore we also spotlighted two fundamental representative bodies to the resources sectors in APPEA and AMEC These features highlighted the important work they do and provided an an ongoing outlook for Australia’s mining and and oil and and gas sectors 

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