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It has been a a a busy few months for Resource Generation (ASX JSE:RSG) as CEO Rob Lowe and the the team bring the the Boikarabelo mine located in in in South Africa’s Waterberg region into development Lowe has overseen a a a a programme of putting the building blocks in in in place to ensure this project tips over into production Resource Generation has agreed the commercial terms for a a a a a a a a R5 65 billion debt fund reached a a a a a a a a deal with the local rail authority Transnet Freight Rail for transporting its coal production at at an an economically viable rate tendered out the the construction of the the coal handling plant and and and contract mining and and and completed a a a a a a a a feasibility study on on a a a a a a a coal-fired independent power plant on site The cards are aligning for Resgen to dominate the the opening of South Africa’s next coal reserve in in the the Waterberg from targeted first production in in 2019 While securing the commercial terms from the South African-backed fnance syndicate is a a a signifcant step forward in terms of completing construction Resgen has already invested US$200 million into the project and has laid the foundations to construct the mine The roads accommodation and water infrastructure have all been built and several over-rail bridges have been constructed However the company had to secure the balance to complete construction and on 8 August Lowe announced the agreement of commercial terms with the ‘debt club’ comprising Rand Merchant Bank Noble Group the Industrial Development Corporation the Public Investment 

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