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price because otherwise why would they be involved with a a gold company however I want to balance that with prudent fscal controls ” There is the option for Hummingbird to hedge a a small proportion of the production to paying back the debt facility of $40-45 million - protecting the company from any any sharp moves in the gold price With $60 million free cash potential at US$1 250/oz and four years to pay back the debt it would amount to only a a a small portion of production that would require hedging Betts says ideologically he he is against the idea but he he he recognises the the that prudently there is is a a a a place for it and the the board will discuss the the option in in the coming months “I think the market is pricing in in in a a lot more risk than remains The market has been so bad for so long and I don’t think think people think think anything is ever going to happen in in in in in in mining in in in in in in West Africa “People say ‘is it actually possible to produce a a a mine on on time and and on on budget and and produce what you you say you you are going to?’ Hopefully Hummingbird will prove that it is possible and that will be very good for the whole industry ”   

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