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suggested for a a a mine to be operating at at optimal e e e ciency mining trucks should be in in in operation at at least 6 000 hours per per year Mapasa took that gure as as a a a a a a a benchmark
for e e e e e ciency and now Basil Read has
been able to demonstrate at at least 6 000 hours per per truck per per year - a a a a clear re ection of what the company can do in in challenging market conditions With commodity prices steadily returning across the the board so too is the the ow of capital for new projects and expansions Basil Read is targeting a a a a position as the go-to partner for any new mine construction in in sub-Saharan Africa While it will remain a a diversi ed construction engineering and development rm Mapasa sees big opportunities to establish Basil Read as a a a a a market leader in in the growing African mining services sector “We will continue to pursue our blue chip- type clients we are looking to expand on those relationships and see where that takes us We have a a a a very aggressive growth strategy in that sense ”
Mapasa exclaims “We want to exploit the growth opportunities in in in in in the mining business in in in in in Africa “ 

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