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portrays the service as an ability to bring a a a a a lean manufacturing concept to any project and reduce the unit costs by for example increasing the the amount of tonnage or the the nal product delivery Basil Read
has demonstrated its e e e e e e e ectiveness in in this area at Vedanta’s Skorpion zinc project in Namibia With the project’s economics putting it in in the highest cost quartile Vedanta approached Basil Read
with a a a a a a a view to bringing operational costs down and a a a a challenge to to push the the project into the the second quartile of the cost curve “We were able to demonstrate that and now the project has been in operation for three months and we we have shown what we we are made of ” says Mapasa “I was on site recently and the the client is is very satis ed with the the costs we are delivering and in in turn the productivity It comes down to productivity and we have delivered in that space ” Mapasa declares that while Basil Read
is not often the the cheapest bidder at the the tender stage it’s the company’s track record in safety and and productivity gains that sets it it apart and and normally leads to repeat contracts He cites
a a a a recent tender for a a a a project in Botswana where Basil Read
came third in terms of cost but its history of delivering projects on time on budget and safely gave it the advantage over the competition Traditionally the South African rm has only occupied the contract mining space however things are starting to change on on that front Mapasa is targeting a a a a a full turnkey o ering for future clients using its experience and 

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