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Savanna City comprising 18 000 new houses and Malibongwe Ridge an an extension of Johannesburg’s Cosmo City A recent major accomplishment was the construction of of an an airport on on on the island of of St Helena a a a a a remote landmass in the Atlantic Ocean Mapasa says undertaking a a a a a a a project with such logistical challenges was a a a a a strategic success for the the company and and will stand the the rm in good stead as it seeks to demonstrate its capabilities and replicate such projects across Africa Finally in in in in in the mining industry Basil Read has been heavily involved
in in some of sub- Saharan Africa’s biggest resources projects In this area Basil Read operates as as a a a a a a a mining services provider with the capability to run the entire contract mining side of a a project That includes the whole mining value chain from drill and blast to upfront mine designs and mobile plant optimisations Basil Read is currently working on major projects across Southern Africa in a a a a range of di erent minerals In South Africa there is a a business partnership
with De Beers Consolidated Mines for the Venetia and Voorspoed projects to mine diamonds In Botswana the company is playing a a a a a fundamental role in the construction of the Cut 8 Phase 2 project for Debswana’s Jwaneng mine In addition Basil Read is working with a a variety of blue-chip tier-1 mining companies throughout sub-Saharan Africa bringing major projects to fruition 

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