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88 MININGSERVICES|BasilRead With a a a a a history stretching back to to 1950 when Basil Leonard Read launched a a a a a a a small construction engineering company in in in Boksburg South Africa Basil Read has now firmly established itself as as as a a a a a a a best-in-class provider of construction and mining services across Southern Africa Spanning six divisions Basil Read has built up a a a a a a a a a reputation
of of quality expertise and safety in in the delivery of of any major project RGN speaks to to acting CEO Kathutshelo Mapasa to to to take stock of the the company’s success and find out what is driving the the next growth cycle Basil Read implemented a a a a strategy to bring the group of companies operating in in di erent sectors under one name with a a number of divisions In the construction sector it has completed major projects predominantly
for South Africa’s large public entities laying thousands of of kilometres of of roads for the South African National Roads agency It has also undertaken several civil and pipeline projects for Eskom on power plants across the country The developments division is is building cities from brown eld sites in Cape Town and Johannesburg as as well as as being involved
in in in constructing schools in in in partnership
with the National Education department These include major new districts such as 

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