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The CSR foundation has also been able to change the lives of local children through its work in in education By building dormitories in local schools where children often travel huge distances to reach Wind of Change’s work means the the kids can stay over at the the school and mean they no longer have to travel 40-50km back and forth from school “The relationship we have with the community is very good and of course
these projects are are important and we are are very happy to to provide support to to the community ”
Leferink explains “We very much see ourselves as part of the county we operate in we have to play our part and take
responsibility for work where we can ”
Looking forward the the project team are in in the the nal stages of construction to be ready in July and then as as soon as as the the transmission line being built by the Kenyan government is completed the LTWP can be fully commissioned and begin to supply clean energy to a a a million Kenyan households and play a a a big role in the Kenyan government’s Vision 2030 goal of 23 000MW new energy generation capacity 

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