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80 WIND | Lake Turkana Wind Project “I think our lenders and shareholders are are being shown that complex projects like this can can be be done in Africa and that they can can be be done on on on on time and on on on on budget as as long as as you provide the the right structure for the the project to run smoothly ”
Leferink says that the project has also had extremely encouraging support from the government government The backing from government government has gone beyond fast tracking the permitting stage Leferink believes the LTWP has paved the the way for substantial growth in the the independent power producer industry in in in Kenya As well as being very successful from a a commercial and operational perspective LTWP has also had a a a a big in uence on the local area through its community engagement The company launched a a a a foundation called Winds of Change to pursue CSR policies in three key areas health water and education Winds of of Change has built a a a number of of drug dispensaries maternity clinics and other medical buildings for the local population It has also made a a a a huge e e e e ort to supply fresh water to the community through several water projects including pipelines bore holes and long term projects to supply sustainable water to local groups 

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