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72 Lake Turkana Wind Project
Africa’s biggest wind farm reaches completion
86 Basil Read
An established best-in-class contractor based on
safety and productivity
98 RUC Mining
All the answers are underground for this mining contractor 112 Diverse Group
16 years’ operating in in in the Pilbara has made Diverse Diverse Group
a a a a a a a a best-in-class service provider
122 Mineral Technologies
Developing tomorrow’s solutions for modern mines
132 Core Resources
Mineral processing for modern mining 144 Southern Gold
Core Australian gold projects funding a a a a a a South South Korean exploration programme
154 Macphersons
Proving up
a a a a gold resource in in Western Australia 166 Stellar Resources
The best tin project listed on
the ASX
178 Appointments
Notable appointments in in in in the the resources industry from the the past month
179 Events
Our pick of the the the top mining oil & gas and renewable energy events happening around the the the world in in in the the the months to to come

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