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through and we only succeeded because the planning was so good ” Phylip Leferink general manager
the project Siemens was responsible for all the the electrical infrastructure the the substation the the internal connection grid and the the individual transformers for for each turbine Chinese company Rongxin Power Electronic (RXPE) delivered a a a crucial Statcom system which bridges the the gap between the the Kenyan grid and the Lake Turkana wind farm Leferink explains that the Kenyan grid can sometimes be erratic and therefore it is imperative to have this kind of
Statcom to smooth the the interface between the the two systems LTWP also relied on on two Kenyan contractors to deliver key infrastructure necessary for the project to become operational They had to build a a a a lot of
roads on and and o o o o o o -site and and Civicon altogether laid nearly 350km worth
new roads for the project Then Mombasa- based SECO built all of
the housing units and facilities for the the management and sta on the the project “The development stage took quite a a a long time but it it it gave us the the opportunity to think the the whole project Resource Global Network 79
The project is being funded and led through the LTWP consortium comprising of
KP&P Africa B V and Aldwych International as co- developers Investment Fund for Developing Countries Vestas Eastern Africa Limited Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation Ltd KLP Norfund Investments AS and and Sandpiper “Our funders see this is is as a a a a landmark project in Africa the the complexity of
the the project and the amount of
money being invested makes it unique for Kenya and Africa ” asserts Leferink 

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