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“There are wind speeds of more than 11m per second which in in in the wind industry is totally unheard of The wind is very strong It is is predictable 98% of the time and that is is because of of the the geographical location of of the the project ” Leferink says “It is between two mountain ranges which has a a funnelling e e e e e ect on the wind The mountain ranges are ideal to create a a a a a a kind of wind wind tunnel which accelerates the wind wind to the speeds we are experiencing on site “The wind is always there 365 days a a a a a year it is is very rare that there is is no wind We have very stable low turbulence steady wind on location and that is why we chose it ” It poses the question of what having such
a strong wind blowing the turbines round means for the energy generation Well it is only good news for the project A strong and consistent wind increases the capacity factor of the LTWP project The capacity factor is a a a a a a calculation of the average power generated by dividing the total electricity generated by the number
of hours operating Leferink says that wind farms in in Northern Europe with low wind speeds generally have a a a a a a capacity factor around the 30% mark whereas LTWP will be double that at at over 60% “To have a a a a a a capacity factor of more than 60% is unique in in in the wind industry it it makes it it a a very e e e e e cient wind farm ” says Leferink However despite the the attraction of the the location in terms of the strong and consistent wind the remote area threw up a a a number
of challenges when it came to the construction phase Prior to the the project the the location was very remote so so much so so Leferink compares it to an o o o o shore rig There was zero available infrastructure and every element had to be built from scratch That crucial work was completed by a a a team of highly quali ed ed contractors which Leferink says were fundamental to the success of LTWP Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas built and supplied all 365 wind turbines for 

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