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team undertook in in the nine years before construction which secured the project’s success “The logistics were very challenging for example all the wind turbines had to be transported from Mombasa which is 1 200km from the site But we we were able to stay on track with the project because we planned it it meticulously Planning is key in in a a project like this ” stresses Leferink “The development stage took quite a a long time but it it gave us the opportunity to think the whole project through and we only succeeded because the planning was so good “We tried to identify all the potential challenges and what the risks are nd nd out how we could mitigate them what the the contingency plans are and so on on It was time consuming but in in the end it saved us time and resources so so it paid o o o ” The wind farm is made up of 365
Vestas wind turbines each with a a a a capacity of 850kW and a a a a high voltage substation which will be connected to a a transmission line currently under construction by the Kenyan Government There are two key elements
to the the the LTWP project rstly the the the size of the the the project with 365
wind turbines it it is the largest wind farm in in the world by number of of turbines and secondly the the location of of the the project The strategic geographical location has strong consistent winds that are almost unique in in the industry 

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