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74 WIND | Lake Turkana Wind Project Nestled between two mountain ranges in in in Northern Kenya sits the the world’s largest wind farm by number of turbines The Lake Turkana Wind Power project (LTWP) which will power a a a a million Kenyan homes is is set to be completed in in July 2017 and is is going to have a a a a a a transformative effect on the the Kenyan energy landscape While the the country has has little in oil reserves and and has has not typically relied on on on fossil fuel consumption like some other African countries the the government is leading a a a a programme to to bring electricity connectivity to to at at least 65% of the population by 2022 Once fully commissioned the the LTWP the the largest single private investment in in in Kenya’s history will supply 16% of the country’s total energy production capacity a a a huge number by any means It will serve as a a a a blueprint
for how big investors can take such projects across the the continent and could be the the beginning of large scale wind energy delivery for millions of Africans The man who has overseen the delivery of this mega-project the LTWP general manager Phylip Leferink is particularly proud of how the wind farm will be delivered on time and on on budget It is impressive when you consider the sheer complexity of delivering 365
wind turbines to a a a remote area in in in Northern Kenya with zero available infrastructure
from the the outset Leferink says it was the the painstakingly thorough planning the project 

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