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1 1 project for an example project from TetraTech 2011 SARAH KARLINA-BARBER
Sarah Karlina-Barber based in in Zurich Switzerland is a a a a a a a a a a freelance wind energy engineer and and business coach with an an M Eng from Cambridge University
(UK) and MIT (USA) as as well as as a a a a a a a Ph D in in in mechanical engineering from She She eld University
(UK) She She has ten years’ international wind energy and management experience in in in in research teaching and and industry Her mission is is is to help people and and and organisations truly understand wind energy technology allowing them to act independently and make decisions more competently in in in in all areas of the wind energy industry and and research She o o o o ers ers individual support and and analysis personal training as as well as as tailor-made interactive seminars and problem- solving workshops Basics of WRAs for investors Investors need to to be capable of choosing reasonable values for the estimated AEP and uncertainty of a a project Deciding upon these values requires a a a a a a careful internal evaluation of the available information which requires a a a a a detailed understanding of the procedure Depending on the country in in which WRAs are carried out they are usually based on the the http://www stormcrow ca 

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