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Fundamentally it is a a a a a case of knowing what exactly what type of jurisdiction you are in and whether you will be subject to local courts or or a a more recognised governing law and international arbitration “If you are making an investment in in in a a a a country and there is a a a a political change or or some sort of economic instability you could be susceptible to unwelcome political interference and even company assets being expropriated by the state ”
explains Duncan This is is why investors need to to be acutely aware of of the level of of investment protection they have especially when operating in in emerging and frontier markets such as Myanmar where the government has often been unwilling to provide sovereign guarantees on power projects in the past If investors have secured sovereign guarantees or international arbitration provisions or if a a a a bilateral investment treaty exists between the the state of the the investor and the the the state it wishes to operate then there are layers of protection within the project However if there are no such provisions in place the the the investor is in in the the the hands of the the the local courts and could be in trouble if any issues or disputes
were to arise at any stage during the project 

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