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56 WIND | Offshore wind - emerging markets Challenges and disputes
The nal thing to recognise from the point of view of prospective investors is that o o o o o shore wind projects in in in these emerging Asian markets are seldom smooth processes from planning to construction O shore wind farms are very complex
and and challenging structures to build and and give investors a a a number of logistical and construction-related headaches which make supply chain choices even more crucial Consequently prior to the construction stage of a a a project investors must make wise decisions with regards to who they award contracts to considering whether there is quality to be found in in the local supply chain They must evaluate if local contractors have the su cient capabilities and economic viability to to contribute to to the project or whether recognised international contractors need to be brought in for a a a particular job “Are you going to bring in in in in an international contractor to to set up a a a a a fabrication base in the country or or are you going to import things from outside? All of this goes to the the costs the the time-frame and the the viability of the the project and are considerations you’ll have to make upfront ”
Finally it it is vital for investors to to fully understand what sort of protection they would have if something was to go wrong in in the the particular state their o o shore wind project is based in 

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