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TennetT and GE in in terms of o o o shore wind energy transmission but looking at it it with
a a a broader scope this type of technology can transform the way electricity is is distributed all over the world The fundamental role of the converter is for the e e e e e cient transmission of electricity over long distances That can be for green energy energy coal-powered energy energy or nuclear and the model can be applied to countries that struggle to to transmit energy to to very remote or distant regions which lack power infrastructure For big countries such as Brazil India China and even the continent of Africa which all su er er er from energy poverty in the remote areas the e e e e e e cient transmission of electricity at low costs and widely available could represent a a step change in energy development “We [at GE] are very focused here on green energy and wind but it goes beyond that Its about transmitting energy and giving power to to people who are needing it to to develop That’s the the the other face of the the the story which is less about about green energy and more about about development ” said Plas Jack Kennedy was speaking to Patrick Plas at at the the GE/Tennet press event for the the launch of DolWin3 in in Warnemünde Germany 

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