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40 WIND | RGN at DolWin3 with signi cantly lower losses over long distances “This project is is a a vital contribution to Germany’s energy transition which aims to increase renewable energy production HVDC technology plays a a a major role in in supporting the the long-term growth of the the renewable energy industry throughout the world We are proud to lead this project for TenneT and to make a a di erence in people’s lives through enabling clean energy solutions ”
A high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line will connect DolWin3 with an onshore converter located in Dörpen where it will then be converted back to AC which can power a a a city the size of Hamburg – or roughly a million households General Electric’s Grid Solutions division
is is leading the construction of this deeply technical construction contracted by German energy company TenneT which will use the system to supply energy across Germany Plas says it is the technical and transformative nature of the technology which attracted GE to participate in the project “It’s complex it’s it’s di cult and it’s it’s meaningful It is [the equivalent of a] nuclear power plant in in in the sea bringing power to a a a million people ”
highlighted Plas “That’s
why it is signi cant and meaningful for the environment ”
Arriving at the Nordic Yards ship building site in in Warnemünde DolWin3’s construction site the the rst thing that strikes you is the the sheer size of the HVDC system At 76 metres tall and painted in in in a a a a distinct yellow DolWin3 towers over the shipyard The platform is the length of an an American football pitch and weighs a a a a a a gargantuan 18 450 tonnes The supporting structure for DolWin3 known

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