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across Europe who remain locked into tari s s s from 15 years ago when costs were much higher than they are today This is is a a a perception that WindEurope aims to break along with the view that integrating higher volumes of variable electricity into existing energy systems is is di cult and una ordable “The message we are putting out is that each year it is getting easier technically and cheaper nancially to integrate variable renewables into electricity systems as the technology is developing so quickly on demand response storage and and market balancing ”
The nal challenge centres on WindEurope continuing to educate policy makers and wider civil society on the importance of wind “We are trying to increasingly focus our e orts on illustrating how individuals and communities bene t t from wind on an economic level but also from wider societal bene ts such as improving air quality making individuals more energy independent and less reliant on volatile fossil fuel imports ”
Over the last 34 years WindEurope has played a a a a a vital role in the transformation of the the wind industry on on the the continent through unifying the sector under one authoritative voice Now under its new moniker WindEurope remains perfectly placed to guide the industry through another 30 years of development which should lead to a a zero- carbon electricity consuming European society 

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