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EU to accompany its own 10-year capacity goals for wind “The European Commission itself has a a a a target of zero-carbon electricity (93-99% carbon carbon free electricity) by 2050 This is is a a a very achievable aim as already renewables are 30% of Europe’s electricity which will rise to 50% by 2030 ” This wider aim is is a a top priority for WindEurope along with the decarbonisation of the continent’s energy consumption
from heating and transport areas where renewables represent a a lower proportion of the total energy supply Challenges facing WindEurope Although Europe has assumed pole position in the long-term race to a a a carbon-free society WindEurope faces a a number of short-term challenges in in the regional wind sector that it is intent upon tackling head on on These issues will be discussed in great detail at the upcoming WindEurope Conference
& Exhibition 2017 which will be held in Amsterdam over November 28-30 “There will be a a big focus on wind assets that are coming to the the end of their normal operational life Discussions will centre on on on in in we united the industry behind a a voice has been extremely powerful ” Giles Dickson chief executive officer

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