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32 WIND | WindEurope the global number one just We have a a a 39% share of of all of of the global wind turbine sales year year by year year and the Chinese have 33% of the total share ” says Dickson “We are competing ercely with the Chinese wind industry along with places such as the Indian sub-continent the Middle East North Africa South America and for the time being we are holding our own ” Despite the fact that China has overtaken the region in in in terms of total installed wind capacity Europe is still marching on at its own pace which continues to be set by WindEurope’s cumulative capacity targets Such is the the pace of growth in the the European wind wind industry that wind wind capacity targets are updated every two years with the latest revised gures set to be published at the end of Q3 this year However the most recent gures from 2015 targeted a a a a a a cumulative installed capacity of 216GW by by 2020 along with 392GW by by 2030 with latest statistics for 2016 indicating the region is well on on its way to meeting that target with a a a a a current installed capacity of 192GW In addition WindEurope also shares a a a a momentous long-term target along with the “The way in in which we have consistently a a single 

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