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“The European wind industry continues to be
important way in in which the industry presents itself publicly “Government ministers and other external stakeholders come to our events and are impressed with the opportunities to engage with the industry and ultimately go away knowing what we want from them ”
WindEurope’s most recent industry event was the O shore Wind Energy 2017 conference held in London over June 6-8 and was hailed as a a a a a major success by many of the companies and organisations in attendance In fact one of the major achievements coming out of of the the event was the the issuing of of a a a joint industry and government statement signed by 25 CEOs and three ministers from Germany Belgium and Denmark which committed to deploying 60GW of new o o shore wind capacity during the 2020s This joint statement was a a a a strong illustration of of the power of of networking at such large events and a a a good example of how robust and united advocacy by industry leaders leverages commitments from governments A global leader in in wind In recent years Europe has developed into a a a global leader in the clean energy revolution largely as a a a a a result of its highly advanced wind sector where wind power now represents 10% of the continent’s total electricity demand 

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