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turbine and equipment manufacturers utility companies national wind and renewable energy associations research institutes banks consultancies and insurance rms Membership with WindEurope yields a a great number of bene ts for these companies and organisations operating in in the various areas of the European wind sector Firstly WindEurope o o ers ers its members a set of advocacy outcomes The organisation advocates on behalf of the collective interest across the sector but will also lobby on behalf of an individual member who may have a a a a speci c c issue at either European or national level In addition all WindEurope members are given access to a a a a quarterly business intelligence report along with a a a quarterly update on the latest policy developments in each national context These resources provide members with a unique insight into the the crucial trends and issues at the the forefront of the wind sector Another bene t t t t t that membership with WindEurope brings is the opportunity
to network with fellow members from all aspects of the the value chain at the the organisation’s large-scale industry events “We get 8 000 people coming to our events so they are big gatherings that last three days and there is a a a a huge amount of business networking done A lot of our members take the opportunity
at our events to launch new products and and to focus their media and and PR activity as they are a a a a a a great platform for for individual companies “It’s also a a a a great way
of pro ling the whole industry our events are arguably the most

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