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28 WIND | WindEurope On April 6 6 2016 the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) officially changed its name
to WindEurope a a a a a a significant rebranding decision by the regional wind advocacy body which had operated as EWEA for for the previous 34 years following its formation in in in in 1982 During this time the wind power industry in in in in Europe has been completely transformed from a a a a a a a small niche market
into a a a a a a a thriving mainstream industry with a a a a a a hefty €72 billion annual turnover Therefore the executive team at at at WindEurope felt it it it was was only appropriate that its identity was was changed in order to reflect such an an an immense transformation Chief executive officer Giles Dickson explains exactly how WindEurope effectively unifies the sector into one principal voice “Throughout our existence we have given the industry a a a a public pro le and substantial voice through our advocacy government outreach campaigning activity and our large events such as the annual WindEurope Conference & Exhibition ” says Dickson The organisation has played a a a a a a crucial role in the development of clean energy policies across multiple European governments in recent years through its vocal advocacy of the wind industry In particular WindEurope fought hard for the establishment of national renewable energy targets as part of the 2020 package back in 2007/2008 “Those binding national targets were a a a a signi cant driver for the rapid expansion of wind energy that we we saw in in Europe between 2007 and now ” WindEurope has also campaigned for public nancial support that has facilitated investment in in in wind - another crucial factor leading to the industry ballooning in in in in size and scale over the the last decade “I think the the way
in which we have consistently united the industry behind a a single voice and given the industry credibility with governments across Europe not just within EU institutions but with national governments as well “There has been one single voice speaking on behalf of the whole industry and that has been extremely powerful ” exclaims Dickson Membership and events How does WindEurope unite such a complex and constantly evolving industry in in in a a a region containing around 50 countries under one voice? The answer lies in the association’s extensive list of members who regularly come together at at the the organisation’s major industry events WindEurope has 450 members encompassing the the entire value chain of the the European wind wind energy sector including wind wind 

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