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22 WIND | SAWEA ongoing delay particularly as these relate
to South African employees and companies investor con dence and the realisation of future prospects which were on-track toward achievement by the end of 2015 JK : The rati cation of the Paris Agreement shows commitment from government - how do you see that impacting the South African wind sector?
BM : The wind industry is able to make a a a signi cant contribution to SA’s emissions reduction objectives In 2016 alone wind power power reduced SA’s power-related emissions by 3
7 million tonnes JK : Please identify some of the major top-tier wind projects in in South Africa and the the the contribution they make to the the the South African energy landscape?
• Cookhouse Wind Farm is a a 1 386MW project comprising 66 2 1MW Suzlon turbines
• Gouda Wind Facility is a a a a 138MW wind farm comprising 46 Acciona 3MW turbines
• Je reys Bay Wind Farm is a a a 138MW wind farm comprising of 60 2 3MW turbines
• Amakhala Emoyeni Wind Farm is a a a a a 134 4MW wind farm comprising 56 Nordex turbines
• Gibson Bay Wind Farm is an 111MW project comprising 37 turbines
• Noupoort Wind Farm is an 80MW project comprising of 35 Siemens SWT-2 3-108 turbines
• Kouga Wind Farm is an 80MW wind farm comprising 32 Nordex 2 2 5MW N90 turbines
• Tsitsikamma Community Wind Farm is a a a a 95MW wind farm comprising 56 turbines
• West Coast 1 Wind Farm is a a a 94 MW project comprising 47 Vestas V90 2MW turbines
• Nojoli Wind Farm is an 88MW project comprising 44 turbines
• Umoya Wind Farm is a a a 66 6MW project comprising 37 Vestas V100 turbines
JK : Now that wind energy is produced at at grid parity if not cheaper in a a a a lot of cases than coal or nuclear is it time that all new energy generation came from wind?
BM : In SA today wind power investment costs 40% less than new coal investments SAWEA is supportive of a diverse energy mix 

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