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20 WIND | SAWEA ensure that we apply this trait to contribute youthful vigour fresh thinking and creativity to to SA’s incumbent power sector JK : Statistics released by REN21 in June showed a a record for global investment in in renewable energy is is this re re ected in the South African wind industry? – How can can you help to build on that?
BM : South Africa’s wind industry has grown from a a a a standing start to a a a a contribution of 53% of the country’s renewable energy mix in just four years ( rst power commissioned in January 2013) A total of R73 billion has been invested in in in in 36 wind projects in in in in SA to- date The average project size is 93 5MW Wind power now contributes over 2 000MW of power with some projects still being built and some delayed due to an an ongoing impasse with the national utility In SA renewable power is procured on the basis of ministerial determinations and procurement is yet to be announced for more than half of already-issued determinations The value proposition for wind power investment is clear: while supplying more than half of SA’s renewable energy power this power has only cost 32% of the total spent on renewable power purchase The value chain of wind power also o o o o ers important prospects for a a a a key national developmental objective: job creation Taken together the the investment potential for wind power in SA SA is signi cant SAWEA works both to to draw attention to to this track record and to ensure that Industry does not rest on its laurels but continues to improve its practice JK : How strong is the governmental backing for clean energy particularly wind projects? Have programmes such as REI4P helped?
BM : Government’s stated policy backing for clean energy is sound The policy and legislative basis for the REI4P has been hailed as visionary with many global accolades By the end of 2015 over 60 power purchase agreements had been signed and over 6 000MW of renewable energy power procured Since then however no further renewable energy power purchase agreements have been signed For the past year in particular SAWEA has worked to to draw attention to to the risks of 

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