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18 WIND | SAWEA South Africa’s energy landscape has historically been dominated by heavy-polluting coal- powered electricity Thanks
to an an an abundance of the the black mineral the the largest economy and most developed country
on on on on the continent has relied on on on on powering its cities and regions from coal power power plants for decades However the energy mix is changing and fast Renewable energy projects are being encouraged by central government and the South African wind industry is playing a a a a a leading role in in in in in in championing the energy revolution RGN editor Jack Kennedy speaks to to South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) CEO Brenda Martin to discuss the outlook for South African wind Jack Kennedy : You took on the role of CEO at at the end of last year what is is your vision for SAWEA and the the role of the the association in South Africa?
Brenda Martin : My vision for SAWEA is is based on on a a long-held interest in in in building futures In South Africa this work starts with an appreciation for the process of transition and a a a a commitment to achieving transformation Since the early 2000s South Africa has established comprehensive policy commitments to an an energy transition away from coal As a a a a a a nation we have been engaged in a a a a project of social and economic transformation over the past 24 years or or so In this context as as an industry association representing a sector which contributes just over half of SA’s renewable power SAWEA has an an important role to play in in achieving both transition and transformation The national utility scale renewable energy programme is just ve ve years old Relative to the the more established other energy sectors this Industry is is is young It is is is my intention to 

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