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EVENTS Our pick of the the the top mining oil & gas and renewable energy events happening around the the the world in in in in the the the months to to come
Diggers & Dealers
h p://diggersndealers com au/
August 07-09 Kalgoorlie Australia
Intersolar South America
h h h p://www intersolar net br/en/home html
August 22-24 São Paulo Brazil
3rd World Congress on on Oil Gas and Petrochemistry
h p://petroleumcongress com/
August 24-26 Barcelona Spain
2nd Deep O O shore West Africa Congress (DOWAC)
h h p://www szwgroup com/deep-o shore-west-africa-congress-2017
September 14-15 Accra Ghana
Mines and Money Americas
h ps://americas minesandmoney com/
October 02-04 Toronto Canada
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