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178 APPOINTMENTS & EVENTS APPOINTMENTS Ken Ken Ken Ken MacKenzie MacKenzie replaces Jac Nasser as as as as BHP BHP chairman
The board at BHP BHP has elected Ken Ken Ken Ken MacKenzie MacKenzie as as as as its new chairman
who will undertake the position from September 1 1 2017 Mackenzie will succeed the the the retiring Jac Nasser who has been a a a a a a a a a director at the the the the world’s largest mining company for for 11 years years ful lling the the the the role of chairman
for the the last seven years “I am committed to the the creation of of long-term value for all of of our shareholders and and will work tirelessly with the the Board and and management to to achieve this ” said MacKenzie General Electric appoints John Flannery as new chairman
and CEO
John Flannery will replace Je Immelt Immelt as chairman
and and CEO
of General Electric (GE) following Immelt’s recent decision to stand down Immelt leaves the the US-based conglomerate with with divisions in in in in the the oil and and gas and and renewable energy sectors after beginning his career with with GE in in in in 1987 “I am privileged to have spent the the the last 16 years at at the the the company working for Je one of of the the the greatest business leaders of of our time ” said Flannery Endeavour Mining announces new chief operating o o o o o cer appointment
Jeremy Langford has been appointed chief operating o o o o o o o o o o cer of of Endeavour Mining after the the current incumbent of of the the position Adriaan Roux announced his retirement Langford who has 17 years of of experience in the resources sector will vacate his current position as as executive vice vice president of of Endeavour’s Projects and Technical Services Group to undertake the new role Esa Ikaheimonen joins Genel Energy as chief nancial o o o cer Diversi ed ed mining company Glencore recently announced the appointment
of Martin Gilbert as an
independent non-executive director at the company Gilbert is a a a a a a a a a a co-founder and and chief executive of of Aberdeen Asset Management PLC PLC and and has also served as as chairman
of of FirstGroup PLC PLC Glencore’s chairman
Tony Hayward said: “We are delighted that Martin has agreed to to join us and and look forward to to bene tting from his experience and insights ” 

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