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more The applications in energy use are quite varied and that is one of tin’s strengths that that there are characteristics that that give it an opportunity in the energy market ” However with the drilling programme underway making sure the company delivers a a a a DFS midway through next year is taking
the front seat Once that phase is completed Stellar will be seeking to secure nancing and move into construction Blight anticipates that by the the middle of 2019 the the Heemskirk mine could begin production With the fast start approach less upfront development capital is required before mining has started so therefore the the entry is quicker and there is less investment tied up in development There is is substantially less capital at risk and thanks to the the staged approach the the production risk is is also reduced Once production has been ramped up and established Stellar will push the project into the next phase “Once we have established the underground mine and completed a a lot more drilling we will have an opportunity to upgrade the resource further which could underpin an expansion of the mine 

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