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174 MINING | Stellar Resources Resource very large resource over time – you can see the potential for us ” compares Blight The wider market for tin is changing While
it has had applications in energy storage for some time as the energy storage market develops so too will the global demand levels for tin Rapidly changing technologies coupled with strong market drivers such as as increased communications more renewable energy and reduced carbon emissions will lead a a a a strong market for tin in in in the coming decade “[Tin] is involved in in in the energy sector with lead acid batteries It is the fourth biggest
end use for tin with consumption at around 28 000t 000t p/a in a a a a a 360 000t 000t market and has been growing strongly in in in China ” Blight explains “The development of of the use of of tin in in lead acid batteries had been partly environmental to replace cadmium and other lead alloy elements I think battery makers are nding that tin has other properties as as well in in terms of improving the charge carrying characteristics in lead acid batteries At some point in in the future we may see more of a a role for tin in in lithium-ion batteries as well “It’s a a a a very favourable metal for the energy sector and and we will see it used more and and 

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