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Location can have a a a a a huge impact moving from mineral exploration to project development predominantly on nancing and capital requirements Heemskirk is situated in Tasmania arguably one of the world’s premier mining districts speci cally for tin production There are mines in in the region with a a history stretching back over a a a a a century and as a a a a a result there is a a a signi cant infrastructure network with ready access to all the necessary service to construct a mine “The services transport processing infrastructure and all the skills you need
are are already in the the area and there is a a a a a a a well- established environmental performance regime and well-established mining practices ” Blight says “Along with that we are very close to the mining town of Zeehan which has a a a good skill base of third-generation miners living there Our location is a a a a a a huge advantage compared to some more remote projects particularly those in in Africa where all the infrastructure has to be supported by the project ” Stellar’s development plan is to drill out
the resource with over 9
000m of core drilling targeting a a a de nitive feasibility study in in the middle of of 2018 The rst stage of of the drill programme is to upgrade enough of the resource from inferred to to indicated in in in order to to underpin a DFS Once the the resource is in place the the company can push ahead with testing the environmental 

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