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Stellar Resources
managing director Peter Blight describes the company’s flagship Heemskirk tin tin project in in in Tasmania as as the the ‘best tin tin project project listed on on the the ASX’ They are strong words but when you consider the combination of Heemskirk’s high grades and favourable location it is easy
to see why Blight talks about
it in in in such a a a a a a a way Having listed in in in in in 2005 Stellar resources has since evolved from a a a a mineral explorer to to the project developer we see today Now Blight is fully focused on how the the company can take the the the Heemskirk project into production With the the price returning and a a a a a developing market for for tin in in in in its application for for energy uses it it is an opportune time to to be moving into production Heemskirk’s two de ning attributes are certainly its grade and location The resource itself is 6 3mt at 1 1 1% tin Blight highlights how high that is by comparing it to the rest
of the the the ASX where there are no other projects with that grade which have been classi ed as as a a a a a resource It is a a a a a huge competitive advantage for the the company and places the the project not far behind world class tin projects such as as Minsur’s San Rafael in in Peru and MetalsX’s Renison Bell mine just 18km away from Heemskirk 

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