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understanding of of the the size of of the the deposit Having found mineralisation along strike of 500m and at least 250m deep Macphersons is going back in in to to try to to extend the Crown Jewel area and and expand the resource at depth along the Northwest trend “That’s what we are doing right now because you have to to get the company to to expand the resource and be in a a a position to have aspirations to to go into production ” Williams explains As Macphersons brings the resource through there is a a a hope that it could replicate the the success of KCGM’s Mt Charlotte mega-
mine mine The historic mine mine has very similar mineralisation to Boorara
and an an almost identical dolerite system according to Williams “We are hopeful that Boorara
becomes a a a a a major resource and and extends at depth and and along strike We are hopeful we can get over a a a million ounces as a a a minimum resource ” Williams says “We have a a a a a fair bit of drilling to do We are trying to understand the structure and once we we do then we we can drill it out rapidly ” With his sights set on on a million-ounce resource at Boorara
it is no wonder Williams is keen to get the drilling completed in in time to release a a a full mineral resource by the end of 2017 

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