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162 MINING | Macphersons Resources Resource strategy Macphersons has continued to release strong results on on the project Williams says the company is hitting good grades with other highlights of 158m @ 1 1 6 g/t Au and 57m @ 3
g/t Au The project’s location in Kalgoorlie is a a a key strength when Williams casts his mind forward to the potential of commercial production operating on on on site The region
has a a a long history of gold mining and is is considered a a premier mining district in in in global terms There is ample local skilled labour as well as simple access to equipment suppliers and drills Then there are four operating mills within 40km “The Kalgoorlie area is a a a a premier gold eld globally in in terms of having skills equipment and everything else in in one place Boorara
is on a a a a mine lease and we we have power to the site we have su cient water to process a a a million tonnes and we’ve got all the permitting so we are in in a a a a good place ” says Williams Macphersons has a a a a a a small but dedicated team based in Kalgoorlie who will drive the project towards a a a fully identi ed mineral resource hopefully by the end of 2017 Williams outlines that it is the mineral resource which supplants value in the company so far it has announced 232 000 ounces as per JORC 2012 The company is busy undertaking a a a drilling campaign at the project in order to get a a a a true

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