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156 MINING | Macphersons Resources Resource When Jeff Williams co-founded Macphersons Resources with formidable Western Australian businessman Ashok Parekh
and experienced private entrepreneur Ray Wright the the trio had their sights firmly set on an area called Coolgardie just West of of Kalgoorlie the the home of of KCGM’s Super Pit gold mine In the the the seven years since listing the the the regional focus has has not changed but the the company has has accumulated a a a a a a a a a a number of of assets in Boorara to the the East of of Kalgoorlie and is now set on drilling out the the Boorara gold project to identify how big the the resource is and prove up a a a a a project to to go to to the the capital markets Williams has been around the block once
or twice when it comes to bringing gold projects to production The Macphersons managing director has spent the best part of a a a 40-year career in in in the industry developing gold projects around the world When Williams joined Macphersons in in May 2016 he he was tasked with the sizeable challenge
of delivering the agship project’s bankable feasibility study (BFS) and subsequently realising commercial production at the Nimbus-Boorara mine leases The company has made major progress under his stewardship Parekh
has also been instrumental in in in promoting the company he has excellent people skills providing any 

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