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stages of development or or exploration there is a a a a a a heavy load of work for a a a a a a relatively small junior to handle The strategy so far has been to outsource the heavy lifting on a a number
of the projects For example with Westgold in in Kalgoorlie and now with Bluebird in in South Korea to focus on on the exploration work “We have to to play to to our strengths and we have lots of good targets but we are not afraid to do a a a a deal We will give some of the project away to do that but we are also managing risk in in in the process We are getting expertise for areas that can be tricky to execute – we often underestimate the risk with underground mining for example ”
Looking forward Southern Gold certainly has its hands full when it it comes to implementing an aggressive growth strategy in the next few years In WA Mitchell is targeting a a a potential open pit scenario at Glandore which could produce additional production resources and cash ow In addition there is is lots of optimism around the the Cowarna project with the the company seeking to replicate the success of the adjacently located Silver Lake Resources’ projects The team in Korea will be focused speci cally on epithermal rocks utilising the the deal with Bluebird to to free up the exploration team to to discover new gold systems A key factor could be Southern Gold’s use of new technical expertise developed over the last 20-30 years which has not been applied to South Korean epithermal deposits before and could lead to new discoveries With the Kalgoorlie projects chugging away and the the potential to strike big in in Korea in in the the near future Southern Gold is well placed to be a multi-project producer in two countries in the next three years 

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