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152 MINING | Southern Gold represents a a a major step in in demonstrating that Southern Gold can operate in South South Korea and is making progress in in in building a a a a globally-relevant project Mitchell is proud of the company’s work in in getting this far “We have gone through the regulations of opening up a a a mine which was a a a multi-month process and to some extent we are breaking new ground It is not every day you open up a a new mine like Gubong “It shows that if you have the right support at the political and social level you can really achieve a a a lot of things in in Korea ”
Mitchell expects that with the joint venture with Bluebird the market will start to see real progress at Gubong in the the near term and the the companies could be be forming the beginnings of a a mining scenario in in in the next 6-9 months With 12 projects on the books at various

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