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are doing when you go to a a a a place like that because you have have to have have geologists that are comfortable looking at new geology and are ahead of the game “In a a a a sense we have assembled old Ivanhoe DNA to to to go into the country it’s a a top team
of geologists giving it a a good crack ”
It is no accident that Mitchell led the acquisition of Asiatic Gold to pick up the South Korean assets Mitchell was managing director of the company prior to to joining Southern Gold and has a a a long connection with South Korea Although he he is aware of of the challenges of of working in in in in an immature mining district Mitchell says that also o o ers great opportunity “It is not a a a crowded space it hasn’t been looked at at with modern exploration for decades so therefore the the potential to nd game-changing deposits is very
real in in a a a a jurisdiction like that ”
For Mitchell South Korea should be considered North Asia and not put in the same category as as Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia or Thailand He says it has a a a a a a legal system similar to Western countries with an an existing mining code and strong legal framework The access approval for the Gubong project

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