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150 MINING | Southern Gold some of the world class deposits we see in other parts of Asia ”
Southern Gold will also bene t t from some rst mover advantage coming into South Korea and a a a a a recent strategic partnership with London-listed Asian mining specialists Bluebird Merchant Ventures could see the company surprising investors with speed at which it proves up the Korean assets You’re only as as good as as your team
When it comes to exploring in in a a specialist region like South Korea with challenges including language barriers and only a a a a a partially-developed mining industry it is crucial that you have a a a a a highly skilled and preferably in-country experienced team
to enter with That is exactly what Mitchell has put together There are several key members of the team
including Doug Kirwin and Chris Bowden who worked in in South Korea under Ivanhoe Mines and have built up a a a a wealth of knowledge on its speci c c c c geological nature Mitchell regards Kirwin as one of the world’s top geologists based on his track record of discovery
and Bowden completed his PhD studying epithermal rocks in the the South South of South South Korea an an area where Ivanhoe made a a a a a a a a small discovery
before moving on “South Korea is is a a a a a a bit of a a a a a a specialist play and you have have to have have guys who know what they
Oblique view of Cannon mine

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